Where do I start?

So I have finally 'bit the bullet', put an end to the procrastination and decided to go ahead with my blog. After months of swaying back and fourth with the decision of whether or not this would ever happen, I am finally just going to do it. No excuses!

I think an introduction is due. My name is Grace Blaney, I am 19 yrs old and I am situated in Co.Armagh, N.I (glam, I know). I would love to paint you a picture and potentially lead you up the garden path by saying I have a vast array of amazing hobbies and interests which will make me stand out in the blogging world, but I don't. I am one of the most typical girls you will come across. I of course love my fashion, all things beauty and any free time out of my part time jobs and studies is well spent drooling over Instagram Beauties and Youtube Guru's for daily (often hourly) updates on all of the latest tips and trends.
I study Communication Management and Public Relations at Ulster University and I hope to get into the Fashion PR industry in the future. This is part of the reason that I am writing this blog, as I want to gain as much experience as I can, being aware that it is an extremely competitive field and is continually growing, therefore I might as well get my foot in the door and produce some content.
My keen eye for fashion believe it or not started from the tiny tots stage when my mum often dressed me as a boy, which paired with my lack of toddler hair subsequently resulted in me commonly being mistaken for a 'Greg' and not a 'Grace'. I rocked all of those '90's babies trends' as my dad dangerously let me dress myself when going out in public to parks or in to town. As a result, I had my 'Tom Boy' stage, which of course most girls in my class went through at the time. When I got over the disappointment of not being able to pick my own First Holy Communion dress, I lashed out with vengeance on my poor mother and spent all of the money I was given for my Communion day on my very own full Manchester United Football skip, complete with socks pulled taught to my knees. I must've then continued to wear this skip for every PE lesson that year followed by a full summer's wear of it too until it finally wouldn't fit.
I quickly got over this merely stubborn stage as I progressed into High School, in which my love for skirts and dresses was reborn and I started to take an interest in make-up. This meaning, I would buy a new 'Miss Sporty' lipstick on a Friday evening after school and lose it three days later each week. I would wear one layer of L'Oreal Dream Matte Mousse paired with a Barry M mascara and think I was the best thing since sliced bread. I thought Gok Wan was a God and even went as far as claiming that he was my idol in a poem I wrote about him in school which was actually published in a young writers poetry book. I can briefly remember the start of the poem too..
"My Idol Gok Wan, dresses like a woman even though he's a man,
He has two shows I watch every week, they're all about fashion and the clothes are really chic." -sheer talent, I know. So yeah, so this was the height of my fashion and beauty interests at this age which have only really started to boom as I started to work a few years back and have my own money to spend. My most recent job at GUESS? has really helped me nurture and expand my love of fashion as I am constantly seeing new designer clothes on my fabulous co-workers which inspires the clothes that I buy and the outfits that I wish I could buy (student budget remember). I have also met some amazing girls whilst working here including my babe Siobhán Murphy (@shivonstyle) who I admire and thank for giving me the balls and confidence much needed to finally post this.
As I am sure you've guessed the theme of my content on the blog will be fashion and beauty, with a particular interest in online boutiques. I will also cover general lifestyle content and health/fitness however, these will not be the main theme of my blog.
Hopefully you stick around for the upcoming posts.


  1. Yeyyy great first post Grace! So excited you are finally starting your own blogging journey! Enjoy it babe!

    - Emily x | www.thelittlechronicles.com


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