Zaful Review- IS IT LEGIT?


If you are a Facebook user, Instagram user or basically a female of any sort, you have probably heard of this brand or seen their advertisements in your feeds recently. I spotted this brand a few months ago on my timeline and due to lack of knowledge and downright ignorance I instantly assumed that it was one of these 'Ali Express' type companies, which could potentially be a scam site that never actually sends those eagerly awaited orders you once were so excited to receive, just to be let down. With that, I continued to ignore the site. UNTIL- I booked a holiday which basically, I couldn't afford and somehow this sketchy, cheap brand that I once doubted suddenly became a lot more appealing to my frugal eyes.

I of course did my research on the brand and was initially reluctant to order from it as the reviews I had read were mixed (and I was a girl on a budget). So, I waited it out and totally forgot about the brand until summer when a few of my friends mentioned that they had ordered from it. They had said that their items took a while to arrive which is understandable as from what I have gathered the company is Hong Kong based. Besides this, the items seemed to be good quality and are seriously affordable, therefore I decided it was worth a shot to see what all of the fuss was about. 

About a month before my holiday, I took to the site to place my order. Choosing which bikini(s) I wanted proved extremely difficult as you are honestly spoilt for choice. They have a wide range of gorgeous bikinis and swimsuits, almost nicer than those found on the high street this summer. I couldn't just chose one, or two... So I chose five (woops). 

1. Halterneck Push Up Bikini Set- Orange


Yes, that's right. £9.62 for the FULL SET. Now you see why I ordered so many? So when ordering the bikinis the size options are S, M and L. I opted for the S as I usually am a 6/8. Each bikini fitted fine and I couldn't really complain. I ordered this particular bikini because I am such a fan of orange. It is literally traffic cone orange however, so it's slightly tacky, but I still loved it and wore it on holiday. The only bad thing about this bikini was that the halterneck straps were so big that they left me with very thick lines on my chest. Other than this, it was comfortable and padded for extra comfort and support.

2. Velvet Reversible Bikini Set- Jacinth


I had to get this as it was again in a deep orange shade and I hadn't seen a velvet bikini anywhere before and I fell in love. This bikini is very raunchy however, as you can see the bottoms are thong. I was nervous about this at first as I didn't really want my bare arse out in public, but when I received the bikini and tried it on it was fine. It states that the bikini is reversible but I never turned it inside out as the velvet is the main selling point to me. Surprisingly, jumping into the pool didn't have an affect on the material whatsoever, it simply dried back to normal. This bikini actually went up to size XL and also comes in teal, yellow and dark brown.

3. Plunge Velvet High Cut Bathing Suit- Blue


So, again with the velvet, this was probably my second favourite bikini that I ordered. These thigh rise bottoms were slightly different than the other bikinis and the gathered detail at the back made them more flattering. The only thing I didn't like about this bikini was that the inside of the top was plain white material, which sometimes curled over and peeped out which ruined the look so I constantly was fidgeting with it. These bikinis also wouldn't be great on someone with a larger bust as they have little support with no under wiring. This bikini only comes in the Royal Blue shade above.

4. Unlined Plunge Bikini Top And Thong Bottoms- White


This plain white simple bikini should be part of everyone's case for holidays. White is a great colour to wear towards the end of your holiday to boost the look of your tan (or burn in my case). I wore this bikini to the 'White Party' on my holiday, with a little white skirt and bralette over it. It was comfortable and the fit was perfect. This bikini also comes in; red, black and blue.

5. Back Closure High Leg Bikini Set- Pink


I had to order this bikini because it's one of my favourite colours. Obviously it seemed to catch everyone else's eye too as I received an email about 2 weeks after I placed my order to tell me that this bikini was actually sold out. They gave me the option of; waiting it out until they got it back in stock (which would've meant it would have arrived after my holiday), getting an exchange or getting a refund. I opted for the refund as any bikini I ordered in it's place wouldn't have arrived on time for my holiday. I received my refund back pretty quickly so I wasn't too upset over this.

All in all, it is safe to say I would definitely recommend this site to order from as it is extremely cheap and the product quality is excellent. The only downfall is the delivery time, so if you are ordering, I would advise that you give just under 3 weeks in advance of when you actually need the item just to be safe. Although these bikinis will be put away for my next get away, I won't hesitate to order a few more next time round!


  1. Such a nice collection you have purchased from their website. I must say you have used many zaful discount codes to get these items on cheap prices right?


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