Tanning Tuesdays- Bondi Sands (Ultra Dark)

This is the first of many intended ‘Tanning Tuesdays’ here on my blog. I’ve decided to write about all different types of tans available to purchase on the market, as I for one know it can be a daunting experience trying to achieve a ‘natural’, sun-kissed glow when in reality you’re a pasty little wannabe. I’ll admit that I have tried using sunbeds (which in fact did very little for me) and left me- a hypochondriac, anxiety ridden with the paranoia of getting skin cancer. SO, wisely I have decided to feed into my fake tanning obsession as a preferred method in remaining golden all year round. 
Nonetheless, I will share what has become somewhat of a habit/hobby with whomever may be interested. The reviews will be posted on the first Tuesday of each month and will be brutally honest. Anyhow, without further adieu- here is the first of the year and first of the series-


To kickstart my reviews is none other than my holy grail and my right hand. I was indecisive as to whether or not it was a good decision to review this tan first, as anyone that has used this product will undoubtably agree that I am already setting the bar high. However, this could be a good decision as I’m hoping to be able to compare others to this tan and maybe find a few more that are just as good. I first used this brand just over two years ago I’m guessing and when they released the shade ultra dark in Summer’16 exclusively in Australia, I practically counted down the days until I could get my pale paws on a bottle. It finally came to the UK available to purchase in Superdrug stores, however it was almost impossible to get as it was always sold out. Ever since I purchased my first bottle of this liquid gold I have continued to buy another as soon as I am done with one. 

1. Any time I apply fake tan I make sure I scrub all of my old tan and dead skin off first so that I have a clean base to apply to. I exfoliate with an exfoliating glove and the Nivea gentle everyday exfoliating scrub. If I am doing my tan that night, I will try to leave it atleast an hour after showering before I apply my tan so that my skin is dried and my pores are closed so that it doesn’t stick to them leaving me spotty. 
2. I like to moisturise any dry areas with my Nivea oil free moisturiser. I moisturise my hands, wrists, feet, ankles, knees and elbows. Again, this is why it’s important to give it time before applying tan so that the moisturiser fully sinks into the skin. 
3. I grab any tanning mit I can find and pump the foam directly onto the mit then apply to the skin in circular motions. On the back of the bondi sands bottle it advises to use “long swiping motions” however this doesn’t work well for me so I usually go in circles. Whilst applying, I like to pat my tan with my mit if it is streaky or leaving marks so that it blends in better. I usually start with legs and use a good 10-15 pumps per each leg or as required.  
4. Now I know you shouldn’t do this and I can hear all the skin experts screaming at me while they read this, but I apply fake tan to my face. I feel that it finishes your tan off and without it I look silly, even if it breaks me out. A good trick when applying tan to your face for a more natural look is to use a beauty blender (trust me, it works). 
5. When all of my tan is applied, I leave it 10-15mins before putting clothes on so that I don’t wipe any off. I then put on loose clothes covering my whole body and sleep in this overnight as I feel like the warmer you are in bed the better your tan turns out. (Not sure if this is just in my head or if it’s legit.)
6. The next day I shower my tan off in a quick cold shower. It’s so important that the shower water is cold as your pores remain closed and less tan will come off in the shower. It’s the worst minute of this process but definitely essential.

(Before Tanning)







PRICE: Retailed at £17.99 on the official Bondi Sands website, although some drugstores stock it for cheaper.
WHERE TO BUY: Online: PLT, Boots, Superdrug, Bondi Sands. Superdrug and Boots stores.
DISCOUNTS: In Superdrug you can get 10% off in-store with Unidays and also my favourite youtuber Shani Grimmond offers a 20% off when you use the promo code (Shani) at the checkout on the official Bondi Sands website.
SCENT: The scent is one of my favourite things about this product as it has a coconut scent and doesn't tend to linger like other biscuit-like tans.
CONSISTENCY: Mousse/Foam formula.
SHADE: Ultra Dark, but some product washes off in the shower so I would recommend you repeat the process.
DURABILITY: If you continue to moisturise, this tan lasts a good 3/4 days before needing to scrub, also with the help of the Bondi Sands gradual tanning milk applied as an alternative for moisturiser, it can last around 5/6 days crack-free.
STREAKS: This tan isn't very streaky or patchy, as long as you moisturise any dry areas.
WASH OFF: Like most tans, some product is lost when showering, but moisturising will keep the tan in tact for longer after showers.
STAINS: Avoid wearing white/light clothing or even bed clothes before showering this tan off as it may leave slight marks.

RATING: 8.5/10


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