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Tanning Tuesdays- Solait Express Tan Dark

Following my previous review of the revolutionary Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Tan, I have chosen to review a tan that I have never before used. I chose the Solait Express Tan (Dark) as the next on my list of self tanning products to review after a lengthy period of ‘research’. This month I wanted to try a product that was cheap and cheerful, as I normally tend to opt for pricier tans because I feel they are more often than not, worth the spend. I am skeptical of cheap tans as I have had my fair share of the classic ‘Ross from friends look’ in which I resemble an Oompa Loompa, or sometimes I generally looked like I’ve been rolled in muck. So, with this Superdrug own brand product, I guessed it was worth a try and that I had nothing to lose really. If you have read my previous tanning review, you will know my standard application process. Shave and exfoliate in the shower, moisturise dry areas and then sit tight for an hour or so. Then, applying the tan with a mitt (as needed) and patting