Tanning Tuesdays- Solait Express Tan Dark

Following my previous review of the revolutionary Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Tan, I have chosen to review a tan that I have never before used. I chose the Solait Express Tan (Dark) as the next on my list of self tanning products to review after a lengthy period of ‘research’. This month I wanted to try a product that was cheap and cheerful, as I normally tend to opt for pricier tans because I feel they are more often than not, worth the spend. I am skeptical of cheap tans as I have had my fair share of the classic ‘Ross from friends look’ in which I resemble an Oompa Loompa, or sometimes I generally looked like I’ve been rolled in muck. So, with this Superdrug own brand product, I guessed it was worth a try and that I had nothing to lose really.

If you have read my previous tanning review, you will know my standard application process. Shave and exfoliate in the shower, moisturise dry areas and then sit tight for an hour or so. Then, applying the tan with a mitt (as needed) and patting it in as you go along. 

My first impressions of this tan were relatively positive. I used the standard Solait mitt pictured above to apply the mousse based tan. I first applied it to my arms and found that it glides onto the skin extremely well. When it meets the skin, the mousse quickly liquidises and is in fact quite runny. This however, isn’t necessarily a bad aspect as it allowed the product to spread easily and as a result meant that less tan was required than what I would normally use. For example, I would normally use atleast four or five pumps of mousse for my entire arm, however I literally only had to use 2 pumps and my arm was practically covered (me being me applied more to layer it up of course). The scent is described as ‘tropical’, however I thought it smelt quite perfume-like, yet it wasn’t unpleasant. I am used to dark tans having brown undertones, however this tan seemed more of a medium shade to me with slightly more orange undertones. One thing in particular that I praise the product for is the fact that when it is applied it doesn’t look at all streaky, uneven or mucky, which a lot of tans may appear as just before they have been showered off. This is a bonus, as it is deemed as ‘60min express tan’ which proves, as you could practically throw this on an hour before you go out and your tan will appear smooth and flawless. I noticed that the tan dries pretty quickly, however for a while you are left feeling sticky even after the product has dried in, so it is best to give it quite a bit of time before you decide to put clothes on. 

As you will see in the forthcoming pictures, the tan for me didn’t turn out as dark as I personally like my tan to be. It is recommended on the back of the bottle that you leave the tan on for max 3hrs then shower it off. I waited the full three hours and thought that the tan hadn’t fully developed so I decided to sleep in it as I normally would for other tans and shower it off the next morning. This didn’t make a massive difference in the colour however, but maybe repeating the whole sequence twice and applying another layer would leave a darker finish. Despite this, I do really like the colour of the tan as it turns out to be a more natural, medium shade which would be perfect for every day wear. If I were to use this again I would just shower it off after the recommended 3hrs as I feel that sleeping with it on made little to no difference. 

Before application:

After application:

Overnight results:

Post shower results:


PRICE: Retailed at £4.99 on Superdrug online. 
WHERE TO BUY: As this is Superdrug own brand ‘Solait’, I am pretty sure it is exclusive to Superdrug stores and online. 
DISCOUNTS: With UNiDAYS app you can get 10% off in-store. There are also often offers in Superdrug, including the ‘buy one get second half price’ offer on Solait tanning products at the minute. 
SCENT: The scent isn’t bad and doesn’t linger on the skin. It smells quite perfume-like and is quite strong but it isn’t a nasty smell so it didn’t bother me. 
CONSISTENCY: Mousse/foam formula. 
SHADE: Dark. Although it is classified as dark, I feel that it was slightly lighter than what I would have wanted and is kind of orange toned rather than brown. 
DURABILITY: This tan seemed to stay on me quite well. It lasted roughly 3/4 days in tact yet colour faded slightly. It didn’t go patchy or flake really badly which is always a plus. As always, results will tend to be better if you moisturise your tan daily. 
STREAKS: This tan honestly did not show signs of streaks at all. Sometimes tans are streaky in the application stage or even when showered off. This tan remained very even on the skin and this was one of my favourite aspects of the product. 
WASH OFF: It is advised to wash the product off after 3hours and you are good to go however I kept it on all night and it didn’t seem to do any harm. Some product is lost when showering but it leaves the tan even and glowing. 
STAINS: One thing I found with this tan is that it stained my bed clothes a bit before showering it off but it seemed to stay stain free after this, so I would advise to wear long pyjamas or use dark sheets. 

RATING: 7/10


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