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Tanning Tuesdays- St. Moriz Professional Tanning Mousse (Dark)

Reminiscing on my early teens, there are a few distinct commodities that were vital to my existence: 1). My BlackBerry (miss you BBM) and 2). St. Moriz fake tan. Much to my mothers dismay I would lather this precious product all over prior to that months Clubland on a Friday, ruining my clothes, sheets and towels (see below for proof).  Luckily, over the years times have changed and I have started to take more care when applying tan (or have atleast learned how to do my own washing).  I had quite a love/hate relationship with this product. To be honest, I used it because its what everyone else used and it was cheap. Now that I earn my own dolla and don’t have to rely on ‘bank of mum’, I can prioritise my wages on buying whichever tan I please. Yet this month I’ve decided to go back to buying the cheap stuff after all these years. Why? Because I feel it deserves a second chance. Nothing to do with the fact I’m trying/struggling to pay off a hol or anything... ST. MORIZ