Tanning Tuesdays- St. Moriz Professional Tanning Mousse (Dark)

Reminiscing on my early teens, there are a few distinct commodities that were vital to my existence: 1). My BlackBerry (miss you BBM) and 2). St. Moriz fake tan. Much to my mothers dismay I would lather this precious product all over prior to that months Clubland on a Friday, ruining my clothes, sheets and towels (see below for proof).  Luckily, over the years times have changed and I have started to take more care when applying tan (or have atleast learned how to do my own washing). 

I had quite a love/hate relationship with this product. To be honest, I used it because its what everyone else used and it was cheap. Now that I earn my own dolla and don’t have to rely on ‘bank of mum’, I can prioritise my wages on buying whichever tan I please. Yet this month I’ve decided to go back to buying the cheap stuff after all these years. Why? Because I feel it deserves a second chance. Nothing to do with the fact I’m trying/struggling to pay off a hol or anything...


The broke girls St. Tropez. 
I bought this product on my way out of work in a hurry to apply it as my tan was literally the worst it had been and I was in need of a fresh glow and the confidence boost that it brings. I had a lot of old product to scrub off last minute so forgive me if my skin wasn’t exactly the cleanest of slates to apply a new tan to- (I did take this into consideration when reviewing it). 


I took a bath this time instead of a shower hoping to really soak all the previous product off and left it for about an hour to dry. As usual, I moisturised my joints and any dry areas. I took the product, starting with my arms and applied it all over. Ahhh.. the smell of those Clubland Fridays. The smell is certainly noticeable when applying this tan- it is quite chemically and unpleasant (yet bareable). The smell does however get worse when the tan develops and ends up stinking out your room, so I’d advise to crack a window open when you’re sleeping to prevent gassing yourself in the morning. All being well, when you shower your tan the smell doesn’t remain on your body so it’s not a major flaw. The tan is a creamy mousse consistency and applies quite well to the skin. It glided on smoothly to my arms and blended in well without looking streaky which is always a plus. When I got to my legs however, I had a bit more difficulty blending the product in. It was almost as if it wouldn’t absorb into my skin and was just sliding about on top of it. Maybe this was because I shaved my legs a while before but I haven’t really came across this with other tans. When the product dries, it still leaves a sticky feeling on your body so I’d definitely recommend long sleeves and full length bottoms other wise your limbs will be sticking together and rubbing off tan in the affected areas. It also tends to look a bit mucky when dry before it develops (but don’t panic). The colour of the mousse is actually one of my favourite things about it. Particularly when it had developed, I didn’t want to wash it off as I felt like it was the perfect deep brown colour that I always wish to achieve with a tan, yet it always gets washed down the drain in the shower. Heartbreaking. I have known this tan to sometimes look a bit green over the years but I can confirm there was no green tint in sight so they may have improved the formula since then. I feel that around my joints it went slightly scaley which shows me that it’s a very drying formula as I had already moisturised prior to application. In this case I would substitute my regular Nivea moisturiser for baby oil as it tends to eliminate any dryness. 

Before Application: 

After Application:

Overnight Results:

Post Shower Results:


PRICE: Retailed at £4.99 in Superdrug, Tesco and Boots. 
WHERE TO BUY: The stores mentioned above plus their online sites. 
DISCOUNTS: I searched everywhere to see can you get any discount on this product but there didn’t seem to be any offers. Although you can’t complain when it’s original price is so cheap you don’t need any discount!
SCENT: The scent is probably one of the downfalls of this product. It smells strong of chemicals and does linger on your skin while developing and becomes more intense before showering.  
CONSISTENCY: Mousse/foam formula. 
SHADE: Dark. This product has brown undertones which I love in a tan so the shade is probably one of my favourite things about it. I lost quite a bit of colour when showering however so I might try the ultra dark shade some other time or even apply an extra layer again and see how that works. 
DURABILITY: This tan seemed to need quite a bit of maintenance. I found that within one day the tan had rubbed off on my collarbones where my bra strap would sit, staining the straps. The colour lasts quite well but the tan does become quite patchy after a few days. 
STREAKS: Although it didn’t apply well to my legs, I was happy with how streak-free the tan actually turned out. It seemed to cling a bit to joints but my limbs were evenly bronzed. 
WASH OFF: It is advised to wash the product off 4-6hrs after applying, however as per I kept it on overnight and was happy with the finished colour. 
STAINS: This product is quite bad for staining clothes and sheets so it would pay off to take a bit more care with it until it has fully developed and been showered off. 

RATING: 6.5/10


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