Tanning Tuesdays- Iconic Bronze Luxury Tanning Lotion

When I heard that I was getting sent a tanning product to try out I was completely over the moon. One of the first things that I’ve been sent and something I genuinely will use! I was slightly clueless and had no idea which brand I was receiving a tan from- all I knew was my chosen shade (obvs dark). I eagerly waited for the goods to arrive, only to come home 2 weeks later to one of those nasty little “Sorry we couldn’t deliver your parcel” cards from the postman. So, with a further delay over the weekend I was getting more excited and equally more impatient to finally be BRONZE. 


The gorgeous parcel I received consisted of the three products above. 1.) Dark Tanning Lotion, 2.) Self Tan Eraser and (last but most certainly not least) 3.) Luxury Double Sided Tanning Mitt. I really couldn’t have asked for anything more, making it the perfect package. In this review I will talk about the tan only but having used the double sided mitt (a must have for reaching awkward parts of your back) and the revolutionary self tan eraser, I can safely say that I highly approve of both products. 


Using the self tan eraser, I got rid of all of my manky old tan which was well overdue a good scrub- but with this product I didn’t need to scrub much at all, the product does most of the work! I moisturised my joints as per and sat tight for around an hour so my skin was ready to be bronzed. I was actually a bit apprehensive of using this tannin product as I haven’t used a lotion in years and normally prefer mousse based tan. Using the double sided mitt, I applied the tan first to my arms using around 3/4 pumps for each arm. This is a genuine first impression. The scent wasn’t very strong and wasn’t bad, so I could definitely work with it. The lotion itself was quite thick and buttery which is extremely moisturising on the skin. It glided on smoothly and although it didn’t take too long to dry in, it was a bit slower than mousse based products which allows for mistakes to be corrected instead of leaving you with streaks all over. Eugh. 
After applying, I let my skin dry off for around ten to fifteen minutes as lotions may take longer for the skin to fully absorb, then hopped into comfy pjs and went to bed. 
The next morning I did the standard (let’s see how tan I am) as soon as I woke up. My hands and arms exhibited a dream come true as I was the perfect shade. The bottle says that the product is olive toned, which is legit as I didn’t resemble a wotsit. It’s always nerve wrecking and sometimes even disheartening when you go to shower your tan off and you wash all that (somewhat) hard work and effort being washed down the drain. BUT, I found that you lose very little product when rinsing this tan off and I was very happy when I stepped out of the shower. The only thing I would do differently the next time I wear this tan is that I would apply the product thicker or even apply another layer around my neck and chest as I find my tan never develops as well in these areas as it does on the rest of my body. 

Before application:

After application:

Overnight results:

Post shower results:


PRICE: The lotion retails at £10.99 but if you wish to buy the complete bundle that I received you get all three for only £26.99. Bargain!
WHERE TO BUY: It is stocked in Primark and more recently Gordon’s chemists, but you can order it online too. 
DISCOUNTS: I searched everywhere to see can you get any discount on this product but there didn’t seem to be any offers.
SCENT: There didn’t seem to be much of a smell off this product (however my stuffy nose wouldn’t know)- but it certainly wasn’t strong regardless.   
SHADE: Dark. This product has brown undertones more than orange which is a key quality for me in a tan. 
DURABILITY: With moisturising, this tan should last 4/5 days and fades nicely. As the product isn’t at all drying for your skin, it doesn’t crack or flake that much. 
STREAKS: If you blend the lotion well into your skin you will not get any streaks with this tan! It is generally flawless based on application and your skin care (moisturising and timing) before applying. 
WASH OFF: It is advised to wash the product off 3hrs after applying, however as per I kept it on overnight and was very happy with how it turned out. A huge plus to this tan is that it rinses off well still leaving you bronze!
STAINS: I went to bed wearing a white jumper and to be honest I only had slight marks around the elasticated wrists and neck line which is pretty good compared to other tans that leave massive stain marks. 

RATING: 9/10


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