Tanning Tuesdays- Lusso Self Tan Lotion

So, this month prior to their first year anniversary 'Lusso Tan' have been kind enough to gift their self tan to local bloggers to try out. I was one of the lucky bloggers that was sent the tan and I couldn't be happier, as fake tan is obvs the best gift someone could send me. I had been itching to try Lusso Tan since I heard about it last year when it was launched in medicare stores, so when it arrived last week I couldn't wait to lather it on and get tango'd. I had been scrubbing off my tan for days in hope to catch a natural tan from this surprising sun we have been having here in NI, but sadly when I still resembled casper the friendly ghost at the end of the week, the Lusso package could not have been more appropriately timed.

Lusso Self Tan Face and Body Lotion

This package contained the tanning product itself, paired with the double-sided velvet mitt which I used when applying to allow for an accurate review. The tan comes in three shades and I chose the darkest (standard). The golden lining on the parcel gave it such a regal vibe, setting the scene for a rich, luxurious product. Inside the parcel there was a brochure explaining the 3 steps Lusso recommend when tanning; 1. Primer, 2. Tan & 3. Boost. I did not use the the primer or tan booster, so this may have affected the overall result.


If you read my blog usually you will know I do the standard- 'shower, shave, sit in your towel for 1-5hrs until you have the motivation to tan'. After I allow my skin to dry and convince myself to stop being a lazy pale girl and be the best bronze version of me I can be, I go ahead with the application. As this is a lotion based tan, I applied the lotion directly to my skin (instead of onto the mitt) and began to blend. The first thing I noticed was...*NOTHING*. Not. A. Smell. Like seriously, scent-free. I'm so used to smelly tans that the stench doesn't particularly bother my now-immune nostrils, but for you more sensitive gals, this will be a god send. The lotion was quite water based so I tried to give it a big shake before applying more, but it seemed to just generally be a runny formula. Due to this, you need to work quite quickly as it seemed to have a mind of its own. It also dries in very quickly once it has been blended, so from making all the mistakes myself, I would advise to take small areas to work on at a time (focus on half a limb at any given time). 
It was such a watery formula that meant it was extremely light on your skin. To me, it resembled BB cream, so for any of you ladies that like a nice natural, light coverage foundation or tan- you would love Lusso. I however personally prefer a full coverage, yet I like how natural this tan is, so I think I will follow the websites guidelines and apply this tan twice a week for a while to see if it leaves me naturally sun-kissed. I decided to only show results from pre-application - after developing, as the back of the bottle didn't mention showering it off as I think it is portrayed as a more buildable, consistent tan that you don't necessarily need to shower off to get the best results.




When I first applied this tan I was apprehensive, as I couldn't see much of a difference in my skin tone (pictured above) as I was just a darker shade of white and I was worried that it wouldn't develop to be as dark as I wished. After hours of letting it soak in and darken up, I was pleasantly pleased with the natural glow I was left with, looking as though I've just stepped off the plane from my hollipops. I would definitely recommend this for a everyday tan and I will use this again for a go-to daily glow!


PRICE: Retailed at £19.50 on the Lusso Tan website. 
WHERE TO BUY: https://lussotan.com/shop/5/self-tan & Medicare Stores and pharmacies across Ireland (list available on their site)
DISCOUNTS: There are no discounts on the tan itself, however you get free delivery when you spend £30 on the Lusso website.
SCENT: There is literally little to no scent. The least smelly tan I have EVER used!
CONSISTENCY: Lotion formula.
SHADE: Dark. Although it is classified as dark, I feel that it was slightly lighter than what I would have wanted, however it is recommended online to build it up so this is what I will continue to do to achieve a deeper glow. 
STREAKS: When applying the tan I did notice some streaks as it dries so quickly so I found it quite hard to blend, yet when it developed there was no sign of any streaks and it had evened itself out. I take full responsibility for the streaks at the start due to my messy application. Ooops!
STAINS: As this tan dries in so quickly, you aren't left feeling sticky and your tan does not seem to transfer onto clothing or bedding.

RATING: 7/10


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