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London Living

There is nothing anyone can say or do to prepare you for moving country- even if it is 'only a 45min flight', it's still not home . My approach, to pretend it wasn't happening for months on end, was quite a success until two days prior to moving. Being the most unorganised person ever, I used moving as an excuse to try to change my disorderly ways and get my shit together. As a result, I began to pack just over a week before (yes, this is organisation to me). I honestly must have washed and rewashed every item of clothing I owned and listened to every podcast I could think of, in order to procrastinate and keep myself busy, therefore to avoid the thoughts of moving. Don't get me wrong, I have wanted to move to London ever since I first visited at 13yrs old, in which I made a vow to myself that I would save £1 a week so that I could move to London when I was 'older'. I guess I can only say that I am now seriously regretting the lack of commitment to my pre