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There is nothing anyone can say or do to prepare you for moving country- even if it is 'only a 45min flight', it's still not home. My approach, to pretend it wasn't happening for months on end, was quite a success until two days prior to moving. Being the most unorganised person ever, I used moving as an excuse to try to change my disorderly ways and get my shit together. As a result, I began to pack just over a week before (yes, this is organisation to me). I honestly must have washed and rewashed every item of clothing I owned and listened to every podcast I could think of, in order to procrastinate and keep myself busy, therefore to avoid the thoughts of moving.

Don't get me wrong, I have wanted to move to London ever since I first visited at 13yrs old, in which I made a vow to myself that I would save £1 a week so that I could move to London when I was 'older'. I guess I can only say that I am now seriously regretting the lack of commitment to my previous plans as I stare at my dwindling bank balance. As a matter of fact, the problem I have faced with the whole idea of moving is commitment. I fear committing myself to something in which I have no basic knowledge of. I struggle to make decisions for myself if i'm not quite sure what it is exactly that I am getting myself into. I didn't know anyone that had worked for L'Oreal and didn't know anyone living in that area of London. The only reason I felt that I should accept the job at L'Oreal was the fact I knew it was only a year and more importantly there is no way I could turn this internship down, so the decision was basically already made for me before I accepted it. Yet, the closer it got to leaving, inevitably the more nervous I became. I continued to try tell myself that this feeling wouldn't last in an act of reassurance, but to be honest when I got on the plane the nerves left me. I was on my own and I had to be in control.

The fact that I came to London by myself gave me no choice but to remain calm, as sitting in the airport like a crying mess by myself was not a look! This reminded me of the first time I got bloods taken at the doctors by myself. Any time before this my mum had been with me and I always ended up in a panic attack state, crying, using her as a safety net as my fear of needles totally debilitated me to see sense. When I went alone, the thought of busting into tears in front of a nurse (at the age of 17) was not cool and I had to just suck it up. On the plane to Heathrow Airport I once again had to just suck it up. Saying my goodbyes was never going to be easy (and it definitely wasn't), but i find peace in the fact that everyone is only a short flight home or even simply a phone call away.

Two weeks on and I am genuinely living my best life, as tacky as that sounds. I love this city as it is completely new and different, with a sea of opportunities just waiting for me to grab them. I simply won't even get to experience all it has to offer me in just one short year. Having moved from a tiny village in Co.Armagh in Ireland I feel like a needle in a hay stack over here, but I love it. There is so much to do and see every day and I just don't know how I could ever get bored of it. It helps that I am already loving my job two weeks in (as hard as adjusting to the 9-5 life may be) and I am happy in work instead of looking at the clock all day waiting for home time. My job is PR for NYX at L'Oreal. It is so exciting learning more about this brand that I have been a consumer of for years, but I am now getting the chance to see the flip side of how things work at head office and all things behind the scenes of the world biggest cosmetics company. It's so refreshing to work for such an innovative, ethical, global company which is so fast paced by nature, but lacks that intimidating corporate feel as they provide employees with opportunity, benefits and flexibility. My job role entails; social media content creation, marketing, influencer engagement and product send outs, managing stock, events, product launches, media, press releases and so much more that I am still trying to get my head around. At L'Oreal you are pretty much thrown in at the deep end with a vast amount of responsibility, which I find works best as you learn on the job as you go.

L'Oreal Head Office

Hammersmith Bridge
NYX at Pride

L'Oreal intern social

So far so good as you can see from the bragging I do on my instagram stories daily, but I can't wait to torture you all with pics and posts of the year ahead as this is just the beginning! It was about time I began to write again and hopefully it becomes a more common occurrence. Stay tuned x


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