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Do you control your thoughts or do your thoughts control you?

Throughout the duration of lockdown I have been reading and studying for my own personal development. What exactly is personal development? We studied it in school, but at such a young age I know I personally didn't value developing myself as I didn't understand quite what that meant. I think the things I have been learning and researching should be taught in schools as frankly there would a lot less hate and pain in the world for it. But, it must be taught by someone that is passionate about self-help and development and not simply the RE or English teacher that has some free classes in their diary.    That being said, it is never too late to discover yourself and work on you. Before now, I have always thought that living my best life and working on myself equalled going to the gym 5 days a week, or doing my fake tan and nails to feel better about myself. Yes, these are coping mechanisms and they definitely boost serotonin levels in your brain, making you feel better as a

Finding happiness amidst chaos...

Throughout these past few weeks in lockdown I have put myself on a journey to make me happy. I have realised that whilst everything around me changes, I have become somewhat unhappy like a lot of others at the minute I presume. I have realised that you can’t depend on other things to make you happy. People, jobs, objects, the things that were making me happy before have been taken away from me, or else they no longer are meeting my requirements to make me happy. With any problem, comes a solution, so I have been researching and looking for solutions that will make me happy. Not through, people, my job or my belongings, as I simply can’t control or change these things, but inside me. (Cringe I know, but it’s only going to get worse if you continue to read on so I suggest that you leave now if the thought of people finding inner happiness gives you the ick and I wish you well.) Disclaimer over, now I will just get right to it and give you the solutions that have been working for me ove