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Tanning Tuesdays- Lusso Self Tan Lotion

So, this month prior to their first year anniversary ' Lusso Tan ' have been kind enough to gift their self tan to local bloggers to try out. I was one of the lucky bloggers that was sent the tan and I couldn't be happier, as fake tan is obvs the best gift someone could send me. I had been itching to try Lusso Tan since I heard about it last year when it was launched in medicare stores, so when it arrived last week I couldn't wait to lather it on and get tango'd. I had been scrubbing off my tan for days in hope to catch a natural tan from this surprising sun we have been having here in NI, but sadly when I still resembled casper the friendly ghost at the end of the week, the Lusso package could not have been more appropriately timed. Lusso Self Tan Face and Body Lotion This package contained the tanning product itself, paired with the double-sided velvet mitt which I used when applying to allow for an accurate review. The tan comes in three shades a

Tanning Tuesdays- St. Moriz Professional Tanning Mousse (Dark)

Reminiscing on my early teens, there are a few distinct commodities that were vital to my existence: 1). My BlackBerry (miss you BBM) and 2). St. Moriz fake tan. Much to my mothers dismay I would lather this precious product all over prior to that months Clubland on a Friday, ruining my clothes, sheets and towels (see below for proof).  Luckily, over the years times have changed and I have started to take more care when applying tan (or have atleast learned how to do my own washing).  I had quite a love/hate relationship with this product. To be honest, I used it because its what everyone else used and it was cheap. Now that I earn my own dolla and don’t have to rely on ‘bank of mum’, I can prioritise my wages on buying whichever tan I please. Yet this month I’ve decided to go back to buying the cheap stuff after all these years. Why? Because I feel it deserves a second chance. Nothing to do with the fact I’m trying/struggling to pay off a hol or anything... ST. MORIZ