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Tanning Tuesdays- Bondi Sands (Ultra Dark)

This is the first of many intended ‘Tanning Tuesdays’ here on my blog. I’ve decided to write about all different types of tans available to purchase on the market, as I for one know it can be a daunting experience trying to achieve a ‘natural’, sun-kissed glow when in reality you’re a pasty little wannabe. I’ll admit that I have tried using sunbeds (which in fact did very little for me) and left me- a hypochondriac, anxiety ridden with the paranoia of getting skin cancer. SO, wisely I have decided to feed into my fake tanning obsession as a preferred method in remaining golden all year round.  Nonetheless, I will share what has become somewhat of a habit/hobby with whomever may be interested. The reviews will be posted on the first Tuesday of each month and will be brutally honest. Anyhow, without further adieu- here is the first of the year and first of the series- BONDI SANDS ULTRA DARK TANNING FOAM To kickstart my reviews is none other than my holy grail and my right