Where do I start?

So I have finally 'bit the bullet', put an end to the procrastination and decided to go ahead with my blog. After months of swaying back and fourth with the decision of whether or not this would ever happen, I am finally just going to do it. No excuses! I think an introduction is due. My name is Grace Blaney, I am 19 yrs old and I am situated in Co.Armagh, N.I (glam, I know). I would love to paint you a picture and potentially lead you up the garden path by saying I have a vast array of amazing hobbies and interests which will make me stand out in the blogging world, but I don't. I am one of the most typical girls you will come across. I of course love my fashion, all things beauty and any free time out of my part time jobs and studies is well spent drooling over Instagram Beauties and Youtube Guru's for daily (often hourly) updates on all of the latest tips and trends. I study Communication Management and Public Relations at Ulster University and I hope to get into