Tanning Tuesdays- Bondi Sands (Ultra Dark)

This is the first of many intended ‘Tanning Tuesdays’ here on my blog. I’ve decided to write about all different types of tans available to purchase on the market, as I for one know it can be a daunting experience trying to achieve a ‘natural’, sun-kissed glow when in reality you’re a pasty little wannabe. I’ll admit that I have tried using sunbeds (which in fact did very little for me) and left me- a hypochondriac, anxiety ridden with the paranoia of getting skin cancer. SO, wisely I have decided to feed into my fake tanning obsession as a preferred method in remaining golden all year round.  Nonetheless, I will share what has become somewhat of a habit/hobby with whomever may be interested. The reviews will be posted on the first Tuesday of each month and will be brutally honest. Anyhow, without further adieu- here is the first of the year and first of the series- BONDI SANDS ULTRA DARK TANNING FOAM To kickstart my reviews is none other than my holy grail and my right

Zaful Review- IS IT LEGIT?

IS IT LEGIT? If you are a Facebook user, Instagram user or basically a female of any sort, you have probably heard of this brand or seen their advertisements in your feeds recently. I spotted this brand a few months ago on my timeline and due to lack of knowledge and downright ignorance I instantly assumed that it was one of these 'Ali Express' type companies, which could potentially be a scam site that never actually sends those eagerly awaited orders you once were so excited to receive, just to be let down. With that, I continued to ignore the site. UNTIL- I booked a holiday which basically, I couldn't afford and somehow this sketchy, cheap brand that I once doubted suddenly became a lot more appealing to my frugal eyes. I of course did my research on the brand and was initially reluctant to order from it as the reviews I had read were mixed (and I was a girl on a budget). So, I waited it out and totally forgot about the br

20th Birthday Bash

As far as Birthday's go, 20th birthdays are not that exciting. It's similar to a 19th, as it's the awkward stage in between the big 18th and even bigger 21st. Besides this, you still want to look good on your birthday no matter what age, so this is just a little post about what I wore on my recent 20th birthday and why if anyone is interested. I'm typically a last minute kinda gal, however for my birthday I had planned to be a little more prepared than usual in regards to my outfit at least. I searched both in stores and online for the right birthday outfit for weeks yet nothing caught my eye. This was my main goal- Eye catching. Of course you want to stand out on your birthday so I ordered a few pieces that had potential to see what I could do. Firstly, I ordered a little skirt off ' Motel Rocks '. This is an online women's fashion brand which incorporates both edgy and girly looks, recently seen on most of the girls on this seasons 'Love Island'

Where do I start?

So I have finally 'bit the bullet', put an end to the procrastination and decided to go ahead with my blog. After months of swaying back and fourth with the decision of whether or not this would ever happen, I am finally just going to do it. No excuses! I think an introduction is due. My name is Grace Blaney, I am 19 yrs old and I am situated in Co.Armagh, N.I (glam, I know). I would love to paint you a picture and potentially lead you up the garden path by saying I have a vast array of amazing hobbies and interests which will make me stand out in the blogging world, but I don't. I am one of the most typical girls you will come across. I of course love my fashion, all things beauty and any free time out of my part time jobs and studies is well spent drooling over Instagram Beauties and Youtube Guru's for daily (often hourly) updates on all of the latest tips and trends. I study Communication Management and Public Relations at Ulster University and I hope to get into